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We recently saw an important shift in farmers attitude towards the project.

Until now, our partner farmers were happy to work with us, but they were still waiting to see the results of our techniques, before committing more heavily to the project.

Recently, with our techniques being confirmed over the whole course of the year, this changed. Now many farmers are trying to commit more land to working with the company. The way they do that is by bringing additional plots under our partnership agreement.

The story that particularly cheered us up, is our farmer Phan Khom's.

Because Phan Khom didn't have extra plots on which he could grow all year long with us, he couldn't just add more land to the partnership. What he did have, was a rice field right next to his vegetable field. He took his savings, borrowed from his family, and paid a truck to fill his rice field with earth, to double the size of his vegetable field.

The investment he made amounts to the average yearly income of a Cambodian family.

We worked hard for years, to build something that can have an impact on farmers lives. It feels great to finally see it happening.

Victor Combal-Weiss, 14th January 2015