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Project Alba is launching a very new crop and we know we are going to see some happy faces - especially in cities where people are loving it! What is it? The delicious french beans! We are going to produce locally grown and free of chemicals french beans for our Cambodian fellows.

Our testing field team has been working on growing french beans for a while. Now it is ready to be launched with farmers. Lyhen, our talented and hardworking testing field manager, was very enthusiastic with introducing french beans in our portfolio. This crop is great for soil improvement. It enrich it with nitrates through a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. This will help us in our direction towards improving soils of farmer’s lands.

Did you know french bean had many health benefits thanks to the high amount of vitamins and minerals it contains?

- Vitamin A: French beans contains high levels of vitamin A. It is also high in certain nutrients as β -carotene which all together help to protect against aging and various disease processes.

- Folate: more than 9% of french beans nutritive value are made from folates necessary for DNA synthesis and cell division. Eating enough of this is particularly important for pregnancy.

- Vitamin B6, B1 and C that combined help create a strong immune system against infectious agents.

- Minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium which are all essential.

In fact they are so good for health they help reduce heart diseases, prevent colon cancer, control diabetes, boost immunity, eye care, and improve bone health.

Thank you to our great team for this work we are in a hurry to provide them on the market!

Marion, 25th June 2018