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In just 6 months our new field agents have helped farmers boost their vegetable production.

As Project Alba rapidly scales its work in rural Cambodia, we continuously recruit exceptional local staff to support the small scale farmers who partner with us. Two of our intelligent and hardworking new recruits Rotha (left of the picture) and Veasna (right) are already proving themselves to be strong assets for the team.

Veasna, a 25-year-old graduate in agricultural engineering at the Royal University of Agriculture of Phnom Penh, joined Project Alba 5 months ago. He is managing 14 farmers including those who have only recently partnered with us. This is a pivotal stage and it’s vital that the agents build a good relationship with farmers early in order to maximise the potential of the farmers and ensure they are 100 per cent committed. The agents work closely with new farmers to install drip irrigation systems and teach them new techniques. This enables farmers to produce quality vegetables quickly and means we have great produce available for market.

Rotha a 27 years old graduate in Agronomy from Chea Sim University has worked with us for 4 months and is managing 19 farmers. Rotha comes from a agricultural sales background and has expertise in fertilizers and pesticides.

His ambition is clear to see. He wants to help farmers grow their crops safely, to produce quality vegetables and help them improve their livelihood.

    “ I love working for a social enterprise in agriculture. I can help to develop communities. I want to help my country to improve its agriculture system and increase income of poor farmers. So the vision of Project Alba fits with my wishes”, Rotha

Veasna is so dedicated that he feels like he holds a part of farmers future in his hands.

    “ I promised to myself to improve the income and techniques of the farmers I work with”, Veasna

Rotha and Veasna both hope to keep working in agriculture in the future. By working with Project Alba they are able to develop a number of skills: they need deep knowledge in agronomy ( soil fertility, plant health and water usage) and excellent relationship building techniques.

    “Working with Project Alba team is clearly teaching me to work hard and giving me more experience and knowledge in farming”, Rotha

Both of them wish for Cambodia be self-sufficient in the production of healthy vegetables. For them, improving the income of small scale farmers is a key in seeing the country and its people develop.

    “ I trust Project Alba for helping smallholder farmers in Cambodia to have a better livelihood.” , Veasna

Thank you to Rotha and Veasna and all of our field agents for your great work!

If you are interested in working with Project Alba please visit our jobs page.

Marion Vieira, 26th April 2018