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For our partnerships to be sustainable and profitable both for the farmers and the company, it is necessary that we achieve good productivities throughout the year, whatever the season.

So far our farmers' productivity has fluctuated. The plan is now to get them to good levels all the time.

Thanks to our previous work on building IT and reporting systems, we now have the necessary visibility on what is happening on the ground, for each farmer individually and week by week.

Based on our observations on the field, we plan to focus on the following domains :

  • improving irrigation
  • building a more robust fertilization program
  • measuring and adjusting soil's pH
  • measuring soil's texture

This will be the startup's priority for the coming months. We expect it to be the last challenge of our pilot phase. Once settled, we should be able to start scaling.

Measuring farmers soil textures, to determine irrigation needs
Testing characteristics of Cambodian lime, an organic pH adjustment solution
Guillaume Virag, 20th April 2013