Project Alba - The latest crop from Project Alba with great<br />health benefits
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At Project Alba we think it’s vital that people have choice when it comes to the vegetables they want to buy. They should be safe, free from chemicals and fresh. We also think there should be lots of variety for people! This is one of the reasons why we are testing brand new crops and variations in order to innovate vegetable production in Cambodia.

We’re now introducing red romaine lettuce to our portfolio and this beautiful red/ purple leaf is packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins the body needs to stay healthy!

Vitamin A: Romaine lettuce is packed full of vitamin A which plays a huge role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health. Reports suggest that eating just fifteen grams provides your body with 25 percent of its daily recommended intake.

Vitamin B9 (folate):Romaine lettuce is also great for folate/vitamin which is recognised as being important for growth of kids and teenagers as well as for women when they are pregnant.

Vitamin C: Romaine lettuce is a great source of vitamin C - which boosts your immune system and helps keep skin, teeth and bones healthy!.

Vitamin K: This vital vitamin helps the body respond to injury and transports calcium through the body. Just one cup of romaine lettuce will provide 60 per cent of your body’s daily intake!

Protein: Meat and fish aren’t the only sources of protein, many pulses and vegetables also provide some much needed protein and romaine lettuce is amongst them

Minerals: If that’s not enough the leafy red vegetable is also full of minerals your body needs including calcium, iron and magnesium!

After great success in our Testing Field, it is currently being introduced to some of our smallholder farmers in Takeo and Kampot provinces. By January it will be available to customers in Phnom Penh markets.

Lowery Michelle, 19th December 2017