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Crop rotation is a way to grow agricultural products by alternating between different crop families.

It has many agronomical advantages. By rotating between families, potential pests such as insects and diseases don't have time to grow into a large population before the end of the harvest. As a consequence, farmers get less damage from pests, without requiring additional pesticides or protections.

It also enables the soil to rest and regenerate, contributing to a long term improvement of the soil quality.

We were able to start applying this technique now thanks to several improvements :

  • Our systems are now able to handle the additional complexity of having several crops at once
  • How to design a good crop rotation schedule is part of the techniques that we imported from our partner experts

Crop rotation fits pretty well in our business model, since one important aspect of our value creation is to adapt production to what markets need, taking into account market prices and demand. Our market intelligence database thus plays an important part in building our crop rotation schedule.

Extract of our crop rotation schedule system
Victor Combal-Weiss, 06th January 2014