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Production has been over 2 tons per week in the past 2 weeks, breaking past records for Project Alba.
In the past 2 weeks, production levels have been at an all time record high for Project Alba. Both weeks, we have had volumes above 2 tons.

Being able to have good productivity is the main challenge of our work here, given market demands. As a consequence, weekly production level is the main indicator we look at to assess the effectiveness and progress of the processes that were implemented in the company.


This result is especially significant since the number of farmers contributing to this volume is lower than the maximum we have had.

These numbers are due partly to the weather of course, but mostly to recent improvements in processes, in particular having better controls in the sowing process, and better management system of the whole production team.

Our next focus will be to reduce the percentage of waste within these volumes to further increase productivity.



Victor Combal-Weiss, 26th February 2013